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Medicaid approvals made easy

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Intelligent Screening

Our tools don't just check for Medicaid. We dive deeper to look at every available program and identify the exact documents you need to get an approval.

Instant results with no waiting.

Screenshot of screening service : Does the patient reside in Florida? with possible answers yes, yes without intend to stay and no.
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Infographic screenshot of Patient Clear branded consumer portal with E-sign Forms and Upload Documents arrows pointing to Data Aggregation, Algorithm Analysis and Machine Learning AI

Intelligent algorithms drive automation. Patients are instantly notified of required actions needed to complete their applications.

The mobile-first Patient Portal streamlines gathering information and walks patients step by step through the entire process.

The result is a system that dramatically simplifies the process of getting patients approved for Medicaid coverage.

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Real-Time Progress Tracking

Get instant feedback on how patients are progressing. Our technology takes the hard work out of Medicaid, so you can get reimbursed faster than ever before!

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